Bill Lyerly - "Motel Room Blues"

Cover Photo: Red Dot Photography

Motel Room Blues
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"Motel Room Blues " - Songs:
  • I Caught The Blues From You (Bill Lyerly)
  • Gimme All Your Lovin' (Bill Lyerly)
  • I Can Find Love (Bill Lyerly)
  • Crazy, Lonesome And Blue (Bill Lyerly)
  • Bangin' In The Dunes (Bill Lyerly)
  • Only Want To Be With You (Bill Lyerly)
  • Widow And The Taxman (Bill Lyerly)
  • Trying To Drink You Off My Mind (Bill Lyerly)
  • Motel Room Blues (Bill Lyerly)
  • Highway Of Pain (Bill Lyerly)

"Motel Room Blues " - Performers:
  • Bill Lyerly — lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, organ, and harmonium
  • Dexter Horton — drums and percussion
  • Hugh Floyd — electric bass
Special Guests:
  • Griff piano and additional vocals on "Bangin' In The Dunes"
  • Linda Little additional vocals and harmony on "I Caught The Blues From You"
  • Jeffrey Grimes saxophones and horn arrangement on "Highway of Pain"
  • Keith Houston bass on "Motel Room Blues" and "Highway of Pain"
  • The Shama Lama Choir Butch Halpin; Vince McDougald; Jeffrey Grimes; Stanley Hartley; and Allan Eldridge on "Bangin' In The Dunes"

"Motel Room Blues " - Production:
  • Produced by Bill Lyerly and Keith Houston for Dunn Deal Productions
  • Project Directors: Marion Carter and Mike Farver
  • Engineered and Mixed by Keith Houston at Oz Music, Dunn, NC except "Only Want To Be With You" and "Trying To Drink You Off My Mind"
  • Co-Engineered with Benny Dellinger
  • Mastered at Oz Music by Keith Houston and Lee Wallace

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