Bill Lyerly - A Look Back and Cool Guitars
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Bill Lyerly with Medusa

Bill Lyerly with his high school rock band, Medusa.
Medusa (L-R) Russell Turner, Bill Lyerly, Richard Lane,
Joe Padley, J.K. Loftin.

Click here for a listen to "The Stealer" by Medusa
and recorded live by Dan Lilley in 1971.
(recording courtesy of Dan Lilley)

Joe Padley, vocals; J.K. Loftin, guitar; Bill Lyerly, keyboards; Russell Turner, bass; Richard Lane, drums.

Bill, at age 18, playing Goldy McJohn´s Hammond B-3 as Medusa opens for Steppenwolf at the Music Factory in Greenville, NC- May 1971.

Bill Lyerly with his college band SouthSound.

SouthSound 1974, (L-R) Bill Lyerly, Bill Joyner, Tim Conklin,
Richard Lane, Tommy Thompson

Bill Lyerly with Super Grit Cowboy Band.

Bill Lyerly, 1975   Bill Lyerly, 1976
Above photos by Richard Lane

Bill Lyerly early years
Bill Lyerly in 1976 with the Super Grit Cowboy Band at the Holiday Inn in Chapel Hill, NC.

Bill Lyerly and Thunder Chief at the Redneck Saloon in Grifton (1977).

The Bill Lyerly Band performing at the Carolina Opry House in 1979.
Photos by Mike Britt
Lyerly Waylon Jennings
The Bill Lyerly Band opening for Waylon Jennings.

Bill Lyerly Band, 1979
The Bill Lyerly Band in 1979, performing at the Cafe Deja Vu.
Photo by Mike Britt

"Capt. Lude" at the Carolina Opry House - Halloween, 1980.
Photo by Mike Britt
Bill and Walter Lyerly, 1980
Bill Lyerly performing with his father
Walter Lyerly (on fiddle) in 1980.

Photo by Mike Britt

Bill Lyerly, RCA Promo, 1981
Bill´s favourite RCA promo picture- 1981.
Photo by Mike Britt

Bill Lyerly, Music City, 1982
Bill performing at Music City in 1982.
Photo by Mike Britt

(To see a video clip of Bill performing "When I Ride" at the Plantation Music Park on July 3, 1982, click here!)

Bill Lyerly green jimmy truck
Bill Lyerly´s green Jimmy, packed front to back- top to bottom, carried all the gear in the 80s.

Bill Lyerly, Statesville, NC, 1987
Bill Lyerly outside of Statesville, NC in 1987.
Photo by Mike Britt

Bill Lyerly backstage with Bo Diddley.

Bill Lyerly and longtime friend Dean Lenihan just before a show.

bill lyerly clyde mattocks
Walter, Bill and Clyde after a jam session!

Bill Lyerly with Clyde Mattocks, 1994
Bill Lyerly performing with Clyde Mattocks at the Chesapeake Jubilee in 1994.
Photo by Mike Britt
Bill Lyerly at the 2000 Cammy Awards
Bill Lyerly performs "Banging In The Dunes" at the 2000 Cammy Awards, at the Alabama Theatre in North Myrtle Beach.

Bill Lyerly with Steve Earle
(L - R) Dexter Horton, Steve Earle, and Bill Lyerly backstage at the Carolina Theatre.

Bill Lyerly backstage with John Lee Hooker before their shows.

Bill Lyerly with Muddy the mudcat
Bill and Muddy the Mudcat cut up at Mudcat (baseball) Stadium.

Bill's collection of "Cool Guitars" photos from over the years

Bill Lyerly early years
Bill Lyerly in February 1965. A "cocky 12-yr old" playing a
1964 Gibson Melody-Maker in Grifton, NC.
Bill Lyerly early years
19-yr old Bill Lyerly with a Gibson SG and a Coricidin bottle for a slide - doing the "Duane thing."

Bill Lyerly playing a 1973 D35 Martin at Becky Keith's wedding at Jockey's Ridge, NC around 1974.
Bill Lyerly early years
Walter Lyerly playing Bill´s Gibson ES 335 1958 Dot re-issue,
around 1990.
Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars Bill Lyerly early years
Peter Rowan playing Bill´s Santa Cruz D model at Steve Earle and
Ray Kennedy's "Room and Board Studio" in 1997 during
the “Hangmen” session.
Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars
Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars
Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars
Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars
1986 PRS with a "10" one piece tiger top.
Bill Lyerly Cool Guitars

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