Bill Lyerly - "Requiem Mess"

Requiem Mess
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"Requiem Mess" - Songs:
  • Lonesome Whistle (Bill Lyerly)
  • Widow And The Taxman (Bill Lyerly)
  • Daddy's Got To Pay (Bill Lyerly)
  • Half Lap To Go (Bill Lyerly)
  • Down On My Luck (Steve Earle, Tom Benjamin)
  • Dark Glasses (Bill Lyerly)
  • Trying To Drink You Off My Mind (Bill Lyerly)
  • Hangmen (Bill Lyerly, Jordan Koronet)
  • You Can't Teach Lonesome (Bill Lyerly)
  • When I Ride (Bill Lyerly)
  • Freeze Framed (Bill Lyerly)
  • Ain't Goin' Down That Road (Bill Lyerly)

"Requiem Mess" - Performers:
  • Bill Lyerly — lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonium, and bag pipes
  • Clyde Mattocks — harmony vocals, dobro, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin, bass fiddle
  • Steve Earle — alternate vocal on "Hangmen"
  • Dexter Horton — drums and percussion
  • Hugh Floyd — electric bass
  • Walter Lyerly — fiddle
  • Jordan Koronet — harmony vocal and electric bass on "Freeze Framed"
  • Stan Jones — electric bass on "When I Ride" and "Down On My Luck"
  • Rob Keller — bass fiddle on "Hangmen"

"Requiem Mess" - Production:
  • "Lonesome Whistle", "Down On My Luck", "Dark Glasses", "Freeze Framed" produced by Bill Lyerly and Benny Dellinger
  • "Widow And The Taxman", "Trying To Drink You Off My Mind", "When I Ride" produced by Bill Lyerly and Keith Houston
  • "Daddy's Got To Pay", "Half Lap To Go", "You Can't Teach Lonesome", "Ain't Going Down That Road" produced by Bill Lyerly and Clyde Mattocks
  • "Hangmen" produced by "The Twangtrust"
  • Engineered by Benny Dellinger, Keith Houston, Ray Kennedy and Jeffrey Grimes
  • Recorded at Oz Music, Miles of Music, and Room and Board
  • Mixed at Oz Music by Keith Houston and Benny Dellinger
  • Mastered at The Kitchen Mastering by Brent Lambert

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