Bill Lyerly -"Super Grit Cowboy Band"

"Super Grit Cowboy Band " - Songs:
  • I'm Glad You Walked Out (Bill Lyerly)
  • Pleasures Of Life (Clyde Mattocks)
  • I Really Ain't Surprised (Bill Lyerly)
  • Close To Being Free (Clyde Mattocks)
  • Quaaloaded Again (Bill Lyerly)
  • Shotgun Boogie (Cliffie Stone)
  • One Of A Kind (Bill Lyerly)
  • Nervous Breakdown (Clyde Mattocks)
  • Why I Want To Be A Cowboy (Bill Lyerly)
  • If You're So Damn Smart (Clyde Mattocks)

"Super Grit Cowboy Band " - Performers:
  • Bill Lyerly lead and harmony vocals, guitars
  • Clyde Mattocks lead and harmony vocals, guitar, steel guitar, dobro, banjo, maracas, bass
  • Mike Kinzie harmony vocals, fiddle, tuba
  • Alfred Ward harmony vocals, bass, guitars
  • Danny Vinson harmony vocals, drums, harmonica
  • Dave Cavanaugh fiddle

"Super Grit Cowboy Band " - Production:
  • Produced by Clyde Mattocks and Bill Lyerly

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Last updated on April 11, 2011